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Dr. Stephen

“The body—beautifully sculpted, intricately designed, miraculous to behold. Each cell, every sense, and all our organs were created to glorify God”

Faith Embodied_cov .jpg

Available 03/2024

Faith Embodied

For those who follow Christ, a natural tension exists between our bodies as a temple of the Holy Spirit and the clarion call to sacrifice these vessels for the sake of others. It’s easy to overlook what God created as instruments through which the Holy Spirit works. Often, we thwart the Creator’s design by ignoring our vision, hearing, breathing, even flesh and bones. If we truly understand what it means for our body and spirit—that incarnational worship, living, and health are not only possible but God’s expressed will—we will live transformed lives and reflect the One who was born incarnate. We will live embodied faith.

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