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About Dr. Stephen


​Reverend Dr. Stephen Ko serves as Senior Pastor of New York Chinese Alliance Church, a Christian & Missionary Alliance Church in Manhattan. Formerly, he worked as a Medical Officer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As a pediatrician, epidemiologist, and public health expert, Dr. Ko is well attuned to the effects of disease on individuals and their impact on society. With a unique background (M.D., MA, MPH, MDiv), he is among a handful of interdisciplinary writers at the intersection of faith, medicine, and public health. His unique background and expertise lend a compelling voice to the issues raised by this book.         Dr. Ko realizes that translating theory to practice is not an exact science but rather an art honed by shepherding Christians within a large, multi-ethnic, multi-generational church. His clinical experience treating sick patients complements pastoral insight from ministering to the broken. Struggles implementing national public health programs in Africa and Southeast Asia temper academic and theological perspectives from seminary and university settings. Through the lens of Christ, he attempts to understand the spiritual, mental, and physical needs of Christians yet also the collective yearnings of congregations. Among evangelical Christians, Dr. Ko is a subject matter expert for issues of science and faith. He has been an invited speaker at Christian Medical and Dental Association National (CMDA) Conferences, MedSend Global Health Summit, Veritas Forum, Alliance District Superintendent Conference, Redeemer City to City Movement, Humanitarian Disaster Institute, and Denver Seminary’s Gospel Initiative. He has shared on podcasts and webinars with NAE President Walter Kim, CMDA CEO Mike Chupp, Haven Radio Host Charles Morris, and New Testament Scholar Darrell Bock. Through interactions with Cru, Intervarsity, International Students Incorporated, and CMDA, he is acutely aware of the heartbeat of Millennials and GenX. He serves on the editorial board of the Christian Journal for Global Health.   Previously, his work on Hepatitis B vaccination helped shape CDC’s National Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program and the way pediatric patients receive hepatitis B vaccinations globally. Publications have been featured in Christianity Today, Alliance Life, Today’s Christian Doctor, and Mission Alliance.

John Stumbo


Christian and Missionary Alliance

“Dr. Ko’s insightful perspective adds breadth and depth to conversations of significance. He has my attention."

Dr. Eric Tai

Medical Officer

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“Dr. Ko’s training and experience in medicine, public health, and theology allow him to provide unique insight into the human condition, but ultimately, it’s his heart for the vulnerable, wounded, and lost that shines through his work.”

Reverend Terry Smith

Vice President of Church Ministries

 Christian and Missionary Alliance

“Dr. Stephen Ko brings the unique blend of the medical and the spiritual to his teaching and writing. His insights from this unique perspective always help me to think more deeply and see things about our Creator and His creation that I’ve not seen before. Dr. Ko stretches both my mind and my heart. I believe you will experience something similar as you read his books or sit under his teaching.” 
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